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Steve Saporito Education and The Fully Booked Photographer have come together to bring you...

The Difference Maker Revolution Training, Software, Memtorship, and Community or Photographers

The Difference Maker Revolution empowers professional photographers to use the art and science of their craft to transform lives, and create something that truly matters to their clients.

Success isn't just about financial rewards or mastering the craft; it's about celebrating clients as the hero and elevating their beliefs about what is possible for them as individuals, and in their relationships.

Led by Steve Saporito, Ronan Ryle, and the Difference Maker team, we will help you discover your true purpose, craft life-altering experiences for your clients, and implement effective systems in your business that will result in clients that value what you create for them. These systems are designed to give you back time and allow you to be rewarded for what you give to your clients.

Becoming a Difference Maker will allow you to create a thriving business, without the guilt, doing exactly what you love.

Join us in reshaping our industry's mindset, putting the focus on the power of photography to transform, heal, and make a true difference to people's lives, today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.






Photography is about so much more than taking a photo...

Difference Makers understand that they’re not in business of selling photography.

They know that they are in the business of helping transform their clients lives by delivering transformational photographic experiences.

When they do this, their artwork sells itself because they've made their client the hero and elevated their clients to a new level.

Most importantly, they create artwork that makes a difference to their client and has a huge impact on their lives, and the lives of their family...

Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.

What is the Difference Maker Revolution About?

The Difference Maker Revolution is dedicated to transforming people’s lives through photography.

Our mission is to create a healthier society by helping Difference Makers to use the art & science photography to inspire confidence, celebrate love, and foster connections.

Becoming a Difference Maker will transform your studio into a thriving photography business, allowing you to live your passion and earn what you deserve for the important work you do.

Steve Saporito, Ronan Ryle, and the team at Fully Booked Photographer have come together to ignite The Difference Maker Revolution.

This movement empowers professional photographers to be agents of change, touching lives and shaping a healthier society through their work, today and for generations to come.

In our industry, there’s a common misconception that success in photography is measured solely by financial gain, or by achieving mastery in the craft, often placing the photographer at the centre of the narrative.

However, we believe true success lies elsewhere.

The essence of photography, as we see it, is in crafting experiences that celebrate your clients as the heroes. It’s about facilitating transformative moments, whether it’s boosting confidence, honouring love, or reconnecting individuals with their families, pets, and loved ones.

This approach not only fulfils a deeper purpose but also naturally leads to financial rewards.

Steve, Ronan, and the Fully Booked team have already guided over a thousand studios, positively impacting the lives of over 100,000 individuals.

We’re committed to helping you discover your unique purpose, create life-altering photographic experiences, and implement effective marketing strategies to ensure you’re always in demand.

What's The Difference Between A Photographer And A Difference Maker?


  • Fear the threat of A.I. and fight against it.

  • Believe they are in the business of selling photography.

  • Focus on "legacy" and don't realize their art can make a difference to their clients today.

  • Focus on selling images, and think the quality of their artwork is the reason why clients buy.

Difference Makers

  • Understand that A.I. will never be able to hug their clients and leverage its power to make a greater difference in their client's lives.

  • Understand they are in the business of providing transformational photographic experiences that solve their client's deepest emotional problems or desires.

  • Understand that when they make their client the hero, that their artwork sells itself.

  • Understand that their artwork makes a difference in their client's lives today, tomorrow, and forever.

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